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I'm inspired by memories, magical moments, joyful experiences, beautiful places, our connection to the natural world, and to each other. My paintings are expressions of who I am, and of how my cumulative mix of life experiences up to now have shaped how I see the world. I began my artistic exploration through photography, which I still am enthusiastic about, and when I'm not painting on location, I use my photographs for painting reference in the studio. I've always been super curious, and that has led me to follow my love for learning in many different directions in both my life and work experiences; from a carpenter's assistant, a deckhand on a pilot boat, a wilderness guide, a fine art, documentary and wedding photographer, a cook for a crew of Amish carpenters on a remote island, to traveling for one year around the Pacific Rim. I think I've always been more interested in the journey, who I connect with and what I learn along the way, than in any specific destination. I enjoy the process of exploring my experiences and observations in paint, and hope that what I'm moved and inspired by comes through in my paintings.

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